Notice on online registration of 2020 autumn seminar assessment

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Notice on online registration of 2020 autumn seminar assessment


Dears all Doctoral students


The autumn 2020 seminar assessment will take theform of online network assessment. Now we will inform you of the applicationrequirements for this assessment as follows:   


1. Please selectreport topics in accordance with the requirements of the seminar assessmentstandard for doctoral candidates of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (Annex1). The assessment questions must be reviewed and determined by your professorbefore logging into the graduate management information system for onlinereporting (once online reporting, no change of the topic is allowed). At thesame time, fill in the application form (Annex 3) and send it to the Secretaryof your research group, who will summarize the results, signed by your professorand submitted to the Graduate Education Department. The onlineregistration time is up to 9:00 a.m. on October 30.


2. Pleaseprepare the Abstract of the electronic version of the seminar assessmentcontent, including the significance of the topic, purpose and prospect, and thenumber of words shall be controlled within one page of A4 paper (Annex 4). Thespecific sending method will be notified after the registration.RegistrationProcess refer to Annex 2.


3. Studentswho have completed the opening report can sign up for Seminar I, and studentswho have completed the mid-term assessment can sign up for Seminar II. Pleaseread the assessment criteria and hot questions carefully before signing up.Please pay attention to the online notice for the time of seminar assessment ofeach discipline.



  Contact number联系电话:84379558 

  Contacts:YU Xiao于晓 

Annex 1.

Annex 2.


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