Notice on Applications for Residence Permit Extension Alteration

发布时间:2020年03月13日 栏目:Enrollment

Notice on Applications for Residence PermitExtension/Alteration during the Period of Prevention and Control of NovelCoronavirus Epidemic


Dear students,

In order to strengthen the prevention and controlof the novel coronavirus epidemic, reduce gathering and flow of people, andensure the safety and health of the faculty, staff and students, non-contactservice is practiced to handle international students’ residence permitextension/alteration during the period of epidemic prevention and control.Details are as follows:

1. Submit an application

The International student should submit thefollowing documents to his/her host institute.

a. Application Form for Study Duration/ResidencePermit Extension/Alteration (see attached);

b. Documents listed in the attached ApplicationForm.   

2. Check the documents

After the documents have been checked by the hostinstitute, the student should email a scanned copy of the above documents The International Students Office will recheck and processthe applications online.

Please include in the email the student’s name,student ID number, passport number, name of the host institute, and whetheror not the passport is a newly-issued one.

3. Mail the stamped form 

After the application is approved, we will mailthe stamped original VISA/STAY PERMIT/RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM (forstudents in Beijing) or JW202 (for students outside Beijing) to the recipientas specified.

Please include in the email the address and thephone number of the recipient (The address and contact information must be clearin case the mail may not reach the right person due to communication barriersbetween the student and the deliveryman.).

4. Special Reminder

a. Accordingto the Exit-Entry Administration Law, if an international student has obtaineda new passport in China, he/she shall apply for residence permit alteration atthe local authorities for entry-exit affairs within 10 days.

b. As we arenow in a critical period for epidemic prevention and control, we only accepturgent applications from students who are newly-issued passport holders orabout-to-expire passport holders. Other applications will be accepted from May1 to 20, 2020.

c. Since express delivery takes longer time thesedays, we cannot guarantee the date when you can receive the mail. Please submitan application early as possible if you really need to do so.

d.  Forenquiry, email

Further notice will be issued about when toresume on-site business according to the changes of the measures for epidemicprevention and control and related administrative measures of the University.

Attachment:Application Form for Study Duration/Residence Permit Extension/Alteration.













1. 国际学生在中国境内取得新护照,按出入境法规要求,应于取得新护照的10天内向所在地出入境管理部门申请办理居留许可变更。

2. 因目前处于疫情防控关键时期,如不属于近期取得新护照或居留许可即将到期等紧急情况,请于2020年夏季批次居留许可延期期间,即2020年5月1日至20日集中办理。

3. 目前由于快递寄送时限较长,无法保证收到快递的时间,如确实必要当下办理的,应尽早提出申请。

4. 可发邮件至咨询以上业务。


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