Safety Notice for Spring Festival holiday

发布时间:2020年03月12日 栏目:Enrollment

Safety Notice for Spring Festival holiday春节假期留所人员安全注意事项


To ensure your safety during the SpringFestival holiday, thereafter, please pay much attention to the following important safety notes.


1. Pay attention to the safety of yourexperiment. It is strictly prohibited to carry out the experiment withoutpermission or by one person alone.


2. Pay attention to traffic safety anddo not use vehicles without operation license.


Safely keep passports, money and creditcard. For personal safety, don’t start a quarrel or fight with others in anycase.


Pay attention to fire safety. When youleave your office room or laboratory, please have a thorough examination ofyour all electric appliances, and water taps and shut off electricity and watercompletely. Smoking shall not be allowed in the non-smoking area, cigarettebutts shall not be thrown around. No Open Flame.


5. Pay attention to food safety. Tochoose a formal dining place, try to avoid eating in street stalls, mobilestalls and other places where food safety is not guaranteed.


Pay attention to the safety ofdormitories. Do not store or use illegal electrical appliances in dormitories,such as electric rods, induction furnaces, electric cookers, etc. It isstrictly prohibited to cook in dormitory.


7. Outsiders are not allowed to stay inthe dormitory.


8. Studentswho live in DICP must abide by Chinese laws and all rules and regulations ofinstitute. Don’t join unauthorized meeting or parties. Contraband drugs likemarijuana are forbidden in China.

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