Rules of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Apartment

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Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 The Measures are mainly focused on formulatinga civilized and healthy, safe, clean, and comfortable learning and livingenvironment, and the effective use of housing resources.
Article 2 Apartment is available for staff including graduate students,postdoctoral, single workers, etc.

Article 3 General Management Department is responsiblefor the allocation of rooms and daily management of the apartment, theapartment management center is part of the General Management Department. GraduateEducation Department and Personnel Department are responsible for the qualificationof accommodation and deregulation treatment, etc.

Chapter II Check - in and out.

Article 4 Application for apartment shall follow theassignment of management. Private exchange is not allowed.

Article 5. Personnel must check out after pass hisgraduate defense.

Chapter III, on the application of the principle ofusing an apartment

Article 6 Every room is double room.

Article 7 Special expert can live with spouse.

Article 8 When the housing supply can not meet thedemand, the general management department is responsible for socialization.

Article 9 Personnel live in the apartments is not allowedlive outside.

Chapter IV Accommodation Management

Article 10 Personnel live in the apartments need go tosleep before 22: 00.

Article 11. Itis strictly forbidden to take other people to stay in the apartment.

Article 12 The replacement of the door lock is prohibited.

Article 13 Personnel not allowed to occupy other beds androom.

Article 14. Prohibition of transfer or lease to others.

Article 15 Prohibits smoking in apartments, alcoholism,gambling, and engaging in feudal superstition and so affect the apartments andpublic order and the physical and mental well being of others.

Article 16 Take good care of public property and assetswithin the apartment. The apartment is furnished with furniture and bears norelocation, loss and damage, the person responsible for compensating alldamages they incur (including maintenance and furniture price valuation),intentionally damage that shall be given a heavier punishment.

Chapter V charges and length of residence

Article 17 Graduate students residence for its date ofcompletion and thesis defense for Degree, after the adjournment of theresidence of the respondent, in person in order to apply and fill in a Graduateextension of stay application form, in charge of the department and agreed toby the graduate school of the audit, by the comprehensive management officewith the approval of the application may be extended. The extension not morethan one month. Due to special reasons, and apartment houses, through their ownapplication, at the Head of Department and Post - graduate co - linealrelatives of the guarantee, which may be extended for a month to live.Reaches amaximum length of schooling for non - graduates to apply for an extension, youcheck the expiry of the residence must vacate the apartment.

Article 18 (which is two years of residence in talent isfree for a period of twelve months).Post - doctoral residence freely and stoodup to four years, a post - doctoral station shall immediately quit thedormitory.Single employable in the preparation of the residence of twoyears.Living upon expiration of the period for special reasons, it is notpossible to vacate the apartment of the person that I am required to advance amonth to fill in the "deferred - out Application Form, the departmentsupervisor, reviewed by the Office of Personnel (after extension thereof) shallbe clear, by the General Management Office for approval prior to beingextended.

Article 19.  (1) or more persons according to"DICP apartment charging standards" (see Annex).

Chapter VI Safety Management

Article 20 to the apartment of personnel shall enhancethe security consciousness, and consciously in the security work.Finding thesuspected persons shall timely report to This gatekeeper or comprehensivemanagement office.

Article 21 Stay in the apartment of personnel safetyawareness of electricity should make for general, correct use in table lamps,radios, computers and the like, and the low - power, the safety of theappliance, the apartment is strictly prohibited to use electric stove, electricheater, electric blanket, electric kettle, electric cup, induction cooker,Highpower appliances such as irons (with kitchen of the apartment you can use onlythe necessary cooking appliance).apartment and passageways. It is forbidden toconnect wires, telephone wires and cables;Damages, privately changes over thesupply line;are forbidden to be embezzled public power;The smoke detectors areforbidden to be wrapped;to move the fire - fighting devices;ApartmentManagement Center on a regular or irregular inspection of the apartment, oncediscovered, shall be confiscated.

Article 22 Stay Apartment personnel are prohibited tocarry guns, ammunition, knives, inflammable and explosive, hazardous andradioactive substances, narcotics, pornographic materials to enter theapartment.Immediately upon discovery of the Cut - Off, and transferred to thepolice.

Article 23 ride apartment elevator into an elevator inaccordance with the relevant provisions of the up - down elevator, can promptlyfind fault and report to the General Management Office.

Article 24 apartment safety inspection once everyquarter, led by General Management Office, the Graduate School, Institute ofPersonnel jointly carry out the inspection.Comprehensive Management Division onfound hidden in the web page published to the public, rectification should becorrected, the centralized management department shall have the rightqualification is cancelled, relevant personnel will be settled in accordancewith the relevant provisions.

Article 25 In the apartment to - day management of theprocess, the discovery of illegality or violation of law or discipline,comprehensive management office will notify the centralized managementdepartment, the centralized management department according to relevant provisions,and to feed back the treatment comments to the integrative administrationdepartment for the record.

Chapter VII health management

Article 26 personnel live in the apartments should remainin public health, hygiene, and bears no littering garbage, not to the pool inorder to reverse the leftovers, so as to prevent the clogging of the pool.

Article 27 No Spitting, out of her window and throw thegarbage and sundries, spilled sewage and the like.

Article 28 shall take care to keep the apartment cleanthe inside of the room, sanitary accommodation shall be paid by the roomclean.The apartment management center will aperiodically room shall conductinspection, personnel accommodation shall actively cooperate with the laws onsanitary inspection.Apartment and is prohibited from being brought to the pet,keeping floor clear of the passage.Comprehensive Management Division of theHealth Check out problems in the web page published to the public,rectification should be corrected, the centralized management department shallhave the right qualification is cancelled, relevant personnel will be settledin accordance with the relevant provisions.


Article 29 The Measures shall come into force, on allmatters.Where any previous regulation is inconsistent with these Measures, theMeasures shall prevail.

Article 30 Those who violate these provisions, theseriousness of the case, according to relevant management provisions.

Article 31 The power of Comprehensive Management,Department of Personnel is responsible for the explanation.

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