Notice of image information collection for graduate students in 2018
发布时间:2018-11-01    供稿部门:研究生部

Dear everyone:

According to the requirements of image information acquisition forhigher education in Liaoning Province, the requirements of image informationcollection for graduate students in our institute as follows:

First, graduate students who must to participate in image acquisitionare listed as follows:

1. Graduates: Graduates who are required to graduate in 2019 accordingto the school roll regulations include: PhD or master student the grade is2016.


2. Non-graduates: Graduates who have completed their graduation defenseafter June 2018 and who are expected to graduate in 2019 but have not taken anypictures.


Second, image information collection process


1.Sign in at or scan the following two-dimensional code forregistration. The deadline is 8:00 a.m.on Wednesday, November 7.

2, Before november 7th (Wednesday) 8:00 by Alipay( or WeChat (lv13591327006) transfer 17 yuan with your realname.


3. Carry your passport in the image collection, Do notwear hair collar and sling clothe. Do not wear necklace or earrings.


image information collection: November 26 (Monday)7:30 start (limited time, please all the students enrolled in the imageacquisition arrived, take photos in turn)


Location: Lecture Hall of biological building

Contact: Lv Hongtao

Contact number: 84379342

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