Safety Notice for Holidays
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DearInternational Students,

     Here are some important notes please payattention to.

A. Absence and Leave

Duringholidays, students intending to leave and go out for touring must submitapplication to Graduate Education Department of DICP to get correspondingpermission. After getting permission, students must also report to theInternational Student Office (ISO) of the University of Chinese Academy ofSciences. Upon returning, students must report to DICP as well as ISO.


B. Tips before Leaving

l  Please have a thorough examination of your all electric appliances,and water taps and shut off electricity and water completely.

l  Close all windows and doors.


C. Tips on Touring

l Safely keep passports, money and creditcard.

l For personal safety, do not start aquarrel or fight with others in any case.

l Do not join unauthorized meeting orparties.Do not go to any undeveloped places, or dangerous areas.

l Do not take the unlicensed, undocumentedor overloaded vehicles.

l Do not walk on the ice.

l When visiting friends, do not drinkexcessively or fight.

l Do not buy a ticket from scalper,to avoid being deceived of purchasing fake tickets.

l When traveling you should better have acompany.

Emergency Calls

Fire:119     Health: 120     Security: 110 (Equal to 911in USA)

Insurance Company: 4008105119 (Before hospital)

Watch andContact Information

GraduateEducation Department will keep on watch during the holiday. In case ofemergency, students should contact our staff immediately.

Tel:0411-84379457;  Fax: 0411-84669170


24-hour-call: 15140350253 (Mr. Yang Hua)

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