Rules for Doctoral Seminar Report of DICP大连化学物理研究所博士研究生Seminar考核标准
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According to thetraining program of postgraduate students in DICP and aimed at expand theirhorizon, every doctoral students need to complete the basic courses of Seminar Iand Seminar II reports, and totally get 4 credits (2 credits for each). Therequirements of the seminar report are as follows: Seminar I is required to bea tertiary subject, and the research area within a first-level discipline;Seminar II is required to be a research area within the tertiary discipline andnot in the PhD dissertation.

I. Assessment methods.

1. The GraduateEducation Department organizes the assessment work twice a year.

2. The GraduateEducation Department will invite the experts to grade on the same criteria. Theassessment takes the difference through the system, the pass rate does notexceed 90% of the participants.

3. Each doctoralstudent must be evaluated twice during the study period. The previousassessment failed to be reassessed by the candidate, until it was passed twice.

II. Assessment criteria.

1. Topicselection (20%) :

Whether thechosen subject is the frontier of discipline, whether it is an active hot spotand difficult topic in the world; The topic is too big or too narrow.

2. Understanding(20%) :

Whether tounderstand the main points of the work involved in the literature, or tointroduce the document to you; Can you put forward your own opinions andopinions on the work

3. Comprehensiveand comprehensive ability (20%) :

Whether we cangrasp the key point and make it clear in a limited time; It was all in alldirections, so that it was impossible to finish the report within theprescribed time.

4. Preparationand presentation of oral reports (20%) :

Can providevivid, highlighted and clear film, and use their own language to report theliterature to everyone; Or the film provided is a complete paper report, justread it; Or the content of the film is too simple to make the audience.

5. Ability toanswer questions (10%) :

Whether you canunderstand the core of the problem correctly or feel irrelevant answer.

6. Grasp ofbreadth (Seminar I) and depth (Seminar II) (10%) :

For the subjectof Seminar I, it is possible to master this subject In a macro way.

There is aprofound understanding and understanding of the research direction involved inSeminar II.

III. Reporting time.

Students report15 minutes and the judges ask questions for 5 minutes.

Note: my currentsubject Settings are as follows:

First-leveldisciplines: chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, physics, materialsscience and engineering.

The secondarydiscipline (professional) : optical, atom molecules and physical, analyticalchemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry (including: chemicalphysical), chemical engineering, biological, chemical, industrial catalysis,material physics and chemistry

Threedisciplines (research) : refers to the major research direction, such asbiochemical analysis, molecular reaction dynamics, chromatography, organicsynthesis, organic structure analysis, catalytic, optical, electrochemical,membrane separation and so on.

IV. Mattersneeding attention.

The doctoral Seminarreport strictly prohibits the inclusion of confidential information.

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